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Aladdin Rainbow
Aladdin Rainbow Elite

Aladdin Sunshine Pro

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Photo of man reading and viewing pictures with his Aladdin Rainbow Elite Enjoy reading and writing in rich, full color with premium features at your fingertips. Easy-to-use controls and one-piece design make the Aladdin Rainbow Elite the ultimate solution for color video magnification with automatic focus.

With its simple and easy-to-use controls, the Aladdin Rainbow Elite brings back the pleasure of reading newspapers, books, magazines, and novels while restoring independence. View medicine bottles, balance a checkbook, or fill out forms in privacy.

Six simple controls are all it takes to use all Aladdin Rainbow Elite features: an On/Off Switch, a Magnification Lever, a Manual Override Knob for focus control, Shadow Mask / Line Marker Knob, a Color Tint Control Knob, and a Picture Control Selector with six positions...
Bright Positive Viewing Mode - black letters on a bright white background. All colors and shades of grey are eliminated to present a high contrast image for reading print.

Bright Negative Viewing Mode
- white letters on a black background provides for maximum reading comfort concentrating the brightness of the text on a low-glare black background.

Color Select Mode - accommodates specific vision needs with yellow letters on a blue background, and green or amber letters on a black background.

Full Color Viewing Mode - a photo and reading mode which offers a medium, high-quality color contrast for easy viewing of photos, materials with photos and text, illustrations or 3-dimensional objects in detail.


The Aladdin Rainbow Elite features a large, 15.6" x 16.4" (39.6cm wide x 41.7cm deep), smooth non-glare platform, which permits reading heavy books. The viewing area of this platform permits reading a full sheet of paper without repositioning. In addition, a large, easy-to-operate lever allows the reader to partially or totally lock the position of the reading table. This feature makes it easier to read horizontal lines and to write. The table also features adjustable drag and margin stops.

Camera: CCD Color Camera.

Magnification: Magnifies standard, 10-point newspaper print from 3/8" (1.0cm) to over 3" tall on its 14 inch screen or the equivalent of 4.7X to 35X.

Display: A fully integrated, 14-inch (35.6cm) monitor with a 13.3" diagonal viewing area.

Illumination: Two built-in, cool running fluorescent bulbs provide even illumination of the reading area.

WW Power: 100-240 VAC (±10%), 47-63 Hz, 50W maximum power consumption. Includes IEC-320 removable power cord. For International use, change power cord.

Fuse: 4 Amp time delay, 250 V.

Weight: 44.7 pounds (20.3 kg).

Dimensions: 15.6"w x 21.5"d x 22"h (39.2cm x 54.6cm x 55.9cm).

Environment: Temperature/Operating: +41'F to +122'F (+5'C to +50'C). Storage: -4'F to +140'F (-20'C to +60'C). Relative Humidity: Less than 90%, non-condensing.

Safety Approvals: c-ETL, CE, VCCI, SUBCH J.

Warranty: 3 year (US) with a 30-day money back guarantee.

All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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