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Image of the Jordy Headworn Device with its Controller

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Joint Optic Reflective Display known as the JORDY System is an innovative, headworn device that looks like a pair of glasses, JORDY magnifies objects up to 30X helping you see at distance and up close. JORDY can be operated in vivid color, black and white, high contrast positive or high contrast negative. It is lightweight (8oz) and includes a Compact Control Unit. Locate objects, zoom in and more.

JORDY enables people with low vision to see objects at a distance, up close and at any range in between. This rechargeable battery operated system can be worn like a pair of glasses or used as a desktop video magnifier when placed on an optional Docking Stand and connected to an optional CRT monitor or to your own TV.

Now with the push of a button, you can watch your favorite television programs from across the room, see the faces of relatives, read your favorite book, write a check, and even enjoy hobbies. The possibilities are endless.
Image of user wearing the JORDY.Image of user wearing the JORDY in his workshop.
Image of the Jordy with its Docking Stand Use the plug-n-play Docking Stand to extend the flexibility of the JORDY. Simply place the headworn device into the holder, attach the stand to any size standard TV set via an RCA Composite video-in connector, and now the JORDY becomes a fully functional desktop video magnifier!

The optional Docking Stand is recommended with the purchase of the JORDY headworn device because it extends the flexibility and capability of the product. This JORDY desktop system works with your active lifestyle, enabling you to read, write and see in any environment including work, home and school.

Key JORDY Features:

  • 30X Magnification range.
  • Auto Focus.
  • Focus Lock.
  • Digital Zoom.
  • Four viewing modes-Full color, Black & White, High contrast Positive & Negative.
  • Built-in lighting system.
  • Up to 50x magnification range.
  • Auto focus with push button locator.
  • Ready to use! No assembly required.

Image of user enjoying the play with her JORDY.

Key Docking Stand Features:

Warranty: Two year with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Special Note: The JORDY is designed to be worn while sitting or standing but is NOT intended to be worn while walking, driving or during mobility of any kind.

All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Option #1: Call us at 1-800-589-8835 and we will take your credit card order over the phone. Or if you prefer, you can email us at to request that we call you for your order.  
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Re: Shipping & Delivery CCTVs are shipped by FedEx Ground Service usually within 1-2 days. If you are an Ohio resident and prefer personal delivery, we can usually provide such within 2-10 days.  

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The Visual-Tech Connection, P.O. Box 1996, Westerville, OH 43086
Phone: 614-899-9989 (Toll-Free: 800-589-8835) Fax: 614-899-7553

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