...an ideal website domain name for sellers of... 


So, why would you want to acquire LowVisionAids.com for your business? Consider this: LowVisionAids.com is...

1) an aged premium domain registered in 1999 as a focused singular topic domain showing stability and longevity. 
2) an 
exact match with the keyword search phrase "low vision aids" making it an instant online brand. 
3) generic using real dictionary words that are easy to spell and remember relating directly to what the searcher is looking for. 
4) market defining that sector of the Visually Impaired Market where companies compete directly with one another. 
5) descriptive since "low vision aids" is easily understood to mean assistive products for the visually impaired. 
6) memorable so your customers will easily remember the name to share with others either verbally or on social media.

7) a .com domain which looks more authoritative, trustworthy, and has become the go-to for nearly all major brands.


Using an exact match generic market defining descriptive memorable .com domain like LowVisionAids.com provides enormous benefits for any existing brand that must compete directly with other brands for customers including; it implies leadership, authority, credibility and professionalism. It is effective for type-in traffic, branding and search engine ranking. It saves costs on future marketing, takes traffic away from competitors, can be a simple and intuitive way for new customers to find the brand, can be easier to spell and remember than the brand domain, and more.


Here are three examples of how LowVisionAids.com can be used to benefit three competitive businesses:
Because LowVisionAids.com is easier to pronounce, spell and remember, Vispero.com could greatly benefit by using LowVisionAids.com as an auxiliary site where their existing customers can easily direct potential customers either verbally or on social media. When the potential customer visits LowVisionAids.com, she is automatically redirected to Vispero.com. Trusted by 86% of consumers, Word-Of-Mouth is the MOST trusted form of marketing. Owning LowVisionAids.com could make Word-Of-Mouth marketing so much more effective and easier for Vispero.com.
Because LowVisionAids.com is market defining, Eschenbach.com could benefit by using LowVisionAids.com as an auxiliary site to reach that newly visually impaired person searching online who you want visiting the Eschenbach.com website where a comprehensive line of optical, non-optical and electronic low vision aids are featured. One can almost hear that newly visually impaired person say; "Oh, this LowVisionAids.com website must have exactly what I am looking for" and with a click of the mouse would be redirected to Eschenbach.com where she would surely find lots of different aids to consider.
In the two example noted above, LowVisionAids.com visitors would be redirect to Vispero.com and Eschenbach.com, This next example would be different. Because LowVisionAids.com is an exact search phrase (i.e.: keyword) matching domain, LVAids.com could really benefit by upgrading their main domain from LVAids.com to LowVisionAids.com.


Here are what a few existing brands have done with their exact match generic market defining descriptive memorable .com domains:

Boeing has their generic name NewAirplane.com redirected to their brand name Boeing.com

CITI has their generic name Mortgage.com redirected to their brand name CITI.com

Walgreens has their generic name Drugstore.com redirected to their brand name Walgreens.com

Xerox has their generic name ColorPrinters.com redirected to their brand name Xerox.com

Avis/Budget and Expedia established stand-alone websites RentACar.com and CarRentals.com instead

A list of 290+ large companies (brands) that own generic domain names in addition to their brand domain names can be found here.


Of course, the benefits described above are not limited to existing brands. These domains can also act as a "Golden Key" for a new venture wishing to capitalize on opportunities in a particular market space.

Here are what a few new venture companies have done with their exact match generic market defining descriptive memorable .com domains:

Allied, Atlas, Mayflower passed, but $195,000.00 brought new venture MovingCompany.com into their market sector

Nike, Adidas, Reebok passed, but $700,000.00 brought new venture RunningShoes.com into their market sector

Visa, MasterCard, Discover passed, but $2,750,000.00 brought new venture CreditCards.com into their market sector

Travelers, State Farm, SafeAuto passed, but $49,700,000.00 brought new venture CarInsurance.com into their market sector

The source for the prices paid for these exact match generic domain names can be found here.

As a rare aged premium exact match generic market defining descriptive .com domain, LowVisionAids.com has tremendous development potential and market usability in the assistive technology for the visually impaired space. 


To purchase LowVisionAids.com*, please proceed to uniregistry.com.


With the purchase of LowVisionAids.com, a second domain name LowVisionAides.com (to account for the 2-3% of searchers who type "aides" and not "aids") will be included for the asking at no additional charge.