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Images of some CCTVs available from the manufacturers we represent.

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Low Vision Aids - To Read & Write Again!


Do you or a loved one have trouble reading regular print?

Do you struggle when writing checks, even when using low vision aids like handheld magnifiers? You're not alone! There are nearly 20 million persons in the United States with vision impairment significant enough to interfere with reading, writing and everyday viewing tasks.

We can help!

The Visual-Tech Connection offers a full range of video magnification aids from the leading world-wide developers, manufacturers and marketers of innovative products to assist people with low vision needs. We specialize in video magnifiers, the electronic based assistive devices used by partially sighted persons for reading, writing and viewing small objects. Video magnifiers are proving to be one of the most useful aids for those who need assistance when reading text or looking at images. They provide the highest levels of magnification and are the only devices that allow the user to alter the size and color of the text or images that are being viewed. These video magnifiers are consistently recommended by caring eye care professionals, and their use will allow people with even severe vision loss to lead more full and independent lives.

Video Magnifiers,

also referred to as Closed-Circuit Televisions (or CCTVs), enlarge text and other objects. They also increase the contrast and visibility of just about anything that is viewed with them. People with low vision due to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, detached retina, histoplasmosis, retinitis pigmentosa, etc., depend on video magnifiers (CCTVs) to help them:

>Read mail, coupons, Medicare statements.
>Read handwritten notes, phone numbers.
>Read newspapers, books, magazines.
>Write personal checks and letters.
>Safely read prescription labels.
>Read recipes and food labels.
>Enjoy crossword puzzles again.
>Maintain employment or schooling.
>View small photographs and pictures.
>Maintain registers & investment portfolios.
>Enjoy hobbies: stamps, painting, coins, etc.

Photo of lady in her kitchen reading a recipe with her CCTV video magnifier.

How do CCTVs work?

Who should use a CCTV?

Anyone with low vision who can no longer read regular sized newsprint comfortably while using glasses or special lenses (including handheld magnifiers) should seriously consider a video magnifier CCTV. This includes all partially sighted persons and the vast majority of persons with low vision who have been declared "legally blind".

The Visual-Tech Connection...

is your one-stop source for a large variety of easy to use and highly effective desktop and portable video magnifier CCTVs. If you, or someone you know, has low vision and would like to reclaim what is important in life - one's visual independence, privacy, and a quality of life that is well deserved - please enter our site here, or "click" on one of the representative product photos below...

Image of the ClearView C desktop video magnifier

Image of the Eschenbach Visolux Digital HD Hand-Held 7-inch Video Magnifier

Image of the Merlin Ultra Full High Definition desktop video magnifier


Enhanced Vision

Low Vision Solutions. 'Click' here to enter our site.

Photo of a woman using her video magnifier CCTV. Click for testimonial.

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Westerville, OH 43086

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Photo of a man using his video magnifier CCTV. Click for testimonial.

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